EcoOilsGenerating Value Delivering Sustainability

The Kewalram Chanrai Group is a success story today because we have been keeping abreast of global trends and the rapid shifts in the commercial landscape. As the world progresses towards sustainability and recycling, we saw the need to come up with business models that would create value added products from palm residues besides minimising carbon footprint and the impact of our activities on the environment.

EcoOils Group was born of this need for sustainability. It was set up as a holding company to create and manage environmentally friendly businesses. Within this flagship, we operate three greenfield facilities in Malaysia, recycling palm residues to recover vegetable oils for industrial applications. The recovered oils are formulated for applications in the biofuels and biodiesel industry, as well as feedstock for soap manufacturing.

The EcoOils Group is now focusing its resources on innovative research to develop modular plants to recycle palm residues. Our aim is to be pioneers in transforming other palm residues into value-added products.

EcoOils plans to set up palm residue recycling facilities in Indonesia as it has significant palm refining clusters.

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